I have been working recently with a student registered in one of the Anthropology courses I participated in last semester. This student, a freshman, never hesitated to take Ellen and I up on our offer in the fall to ask for help when needed and rely on those people with the right set of skills/knowledge. Many times, I met with this student to check her web, journal, and book sources for the ANTH course, especially as exams and final projects were due. I helped answer questions concerning the American Antiquity citation style used for Ancient Civilization in the Americas. I was always impressed with this student’s level of conscienciousness and lack of fear to come ask for help. She took full advantage of the resources available to her on campus, specifically in the Library. Because of this, she will do well in her next 3 years at SUNY Geneseo. Whatever skills and attitudes she learned in her first semester on campus have certainly been incorporated into her learning style and work ethic this spring semester. She does not hesitate to write to me when she needs help with research and citations. I spent this morning working with her, virtually, to help clarify some mistakes in her latest works cited page. I have published our “conversation” on the web.

It is truly gratifying to know that I must have made a good impression on this student. Enough for her to continuously come back to me for help and guidance. In working with Ellen, our goal is to help students studying Anthropology reach a higher bar in their academic career. We see this happening throughout the semesters’ courses, but when students come back for help, OUTSIDE of the ANTH courses, you know that you have touched them and made an impact far beyond the required work for 1 class in particular. A fantastic feeling and one that constantly reminds me why I love my job so much.