Just thinking about the two reference student assistants that have been hired as counselors for this year’s summer camp. I bet they never imagined that by sitting in an ANTH class, infused with scholarly research instruction, they would take on a part-time job they love (that’s what they tell us!) and then be hired for two-weeks as summer camp counselors that will not only be loads of fun, but financially lucrative as well. Excellent salary plus room and board! Not to mention, possibly the best job they will ever have. At least, that’s the way I feel about the summer camp. Last year’s experience was the most fun I’ve ever had at work . . . and I really enjoy my everyday job. 🙂 There could have been a third student of embedded library instruction turned ref student assistant turned summer camp counselor but Sarah never got her application in!!! Sarah???!!!!! The Reference Librarians have been lucky to work with such motivated, bright and research-curious student assistants. We have cultivated these students from an INTD 101 First-Year Experience course (Shoot! The webpage is no longer live), from HIST and ANTH courses heavily infused with information literacy instruction, and sometimes, just from working side-by-side a librarian. Nicole is a perfect case of this last instance, as she has worked closely with Liz Argentieri, and will take over as classroom scheduling assistant in the fall. I hope to nominate Ali as a possible candidate for either a ref student assistant position or as a CTA (Classroom Technology Assistant). And then there are at least two students (who I already know are interested) from ANTH who I would love to work with us at the Ref Desk. I must remember to put all these names forth, but unsure what will happen with our recommendations if/when we get a new Head of Instruction and Reference.

I frequently think about past student assistants at the Reference Desk – Nicole, Karen, Josh, Katie, Lauren, Christina, Claire, Tomoko, Brian (my apologies for anyone I’ve left out) – and remember how much fun and learning they brought to both the reference librarians and the students they helped while working at the Ref Desk. They have taught us as much as I imagine we have taught them.