I love it when professors work on their semester syllabi so far in advance!  I just met with a friend/colleague and she already has dates, times, and specific focus for a number of library sessions I’ll be providing to two of her classes.  The first course, including a series of 3 research sessions, will allow me/us to tweak the course flow from last semester.  I know I overdid it on some of the sessions, adding way more information than what was needed, in the spring semester so this will give me the chance to redeem myself.  🙂  For the second course, the professor has some really great learning activities set up and I am excited to be a part of the discovery process for her students.  What’s even better is that there is a student TA for each class that has been added to the mix, so the three of us – librarian, professor, and student – will meet and collaborate.  The powerful triangular model that Ellen Kintz and I have subscribed to is popping up in other courses now!  I love it!