It looks like I missed the boat on applying for the Liberal Studies Graduate program at Empire State College.  The deadline is June 1 and there is no way that I can get my material together in time.  Oh well.  This will be my push to work on the application, essays, and gather recommendation letters in time for the spring semester deadline.  The delay will also allow me to look into tuition waivers and figure out what specific topic I would work on in the field of Cultural Anthropology.  I could even incorporate something with an educational focus and kill two birds with one stone.  Hmmm, the world is my oyster.  I can choose any topic I want!  And the spring semester is typically slower than fall so this will help me to ease into taking on an extra class or two.  I still have no idea how ESC cobbles classes together with the vast amount of subject areas one could study.  I once wrote an e-mail inquiring and got no response back.  😦  Doesn’t bode well for ESC.