Ellen Kintz and her sister were in the library today.  Linda left for home today and Ellen is off to Mexico next week.  I showed her the French publication and she suggests we write it up in our campus e-publication geared toward faculty.  I shall do that.  It won’t be but a few lines and it will bring to light the work that Ellen, I and various ANTH students have been doing.  Geesh, if I’m going to write this up, I could also write up the presentations we’ve done with Tom recently and I could write about the LOEX presentation with Susan.  And I could even write up something about this blog.  If LOEX highlighted anything in my mind, it’s that we at Milne Library rarely publish all the great things going on in this library, especially as it relates to the greater campus community.  We definitely tend to present at conferences, but no publications.  Our Director could write an entire book on what he’s been able to accomplish within his 12 or so years at SUNY Geneseo.  But no time for writing.  We must carve out time to write and publish.  Otherwise, we’ll remain the best kept secret in upstate NY.  🙂