I know that I have already made my decision to serve on the Search Committee for this position, rather than apply for the job, but now that I see the applications of our first few candidates . . . I’m not sure if it’s truly wanting to take on this important position, considering I am already tackling many of the job responsibilities on an informal basis, or if I’m feeling a little insecurity vis-a-vis my supervisors at the library.  Or maybe it’s the fear of navigating through my faculty-librarian activities with an unknown Head of Instruction/Ref that could easily take advantage of the work I’m doing (and possibly take credit for it) or duplicate what I’m already doing.  Fear of the unknown is definitely an issue for me.  If we could find another Jeff Liles, that would be great!  I’m just not so hopeful that the right person exists out there.  I hope to be proven wrong.